Kinesio Taping Q&A

Common questions asked by patients: What does kinesiology taping do? When should we use Kinesio taping? Does kinesiology therapeutic tape work? Can I apply Kinesio tape myself? For more information, call us today or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 1161 NE Rice Rd Lee’s Summit, MO 64086.

Kinesiotaping Near Me in Lee's Summit, MO
Kinesiotaping Near Me in Lee's Summit, MO

Kinesio taping is one specific type of treatment tools that physical therapist often uses. It applies strips of special tape on your body in specific directions to help improve your mobility and support your joints, muscles, and tendons. Kinesio tape has lots of differences form a traditional taping method, such as athletic tape. Athletic tape is used for support and to limit motion, whereas kinesio tape is used to facilitate motion and inhibit pain. Kinesio tape is a flexible material that moves when you move rather than it limits your motion. Kinesio tape may help to improve lymph transport and increase circulation whereas the tight binding nature of athletic tape tends to decrease circulation. Kinesio tape is also thought to facilitate proprioception in the sensory nervous system resulting in improved muscular activation and performance, inhibit nocioceptors (or pain receptors) resulting in decreased pain and muscular spasm, and realign joint positions and remodel collagen tissues such as in scar tissue management.

Kinesio taping may be used to treat back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee pain ankle/foot pain and other sport injuries.

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